Doctor Who: 5 Reasons Why The Second And Eleventh Doctors Should Share Adventures

doctorwhotroughton1 Though the Eleventh Doctor's time is almost up, he can at least rest assured that he could live on through the audio Whoniverse or future multi-Doctor TV specials. This in turn raises the intriguing possibility of adventures with his Second self, arguably the past incarnation with whom he shares the most in common ground. Indeed, Matt Smith's costume and performance for his own take on the role owes much to Patrick Troughton €“ who he's acclaimed as his own favourite past Doctor, with ' Tomb Of The Cybermen' his favourite serial. So why not pair them together? Anyone familiar with classic 'Who' couldn't fail to note that 'Cold War' served as Mark Gatiss's love letter to 'The Ice Warriors' either. While these are perhaps obvious lead-ins, we think there are several more ways in which these two particular Doctors overlap. And while its sad that the late, great Patrick Troughton wasn't around to grace the screen once more with Smith as he had with William Hartnell's First, Jon Pertwee's Third, Peter Davison's Fifth and Colin Baker's Sixth Doctors in 'The Three/Five/Two Doctors' specials, but Frazer Hines proved himself a more than capable vocal double in 'Shadow Of Death' and 'The Light At The End',as did Pat's son David in 'The Hexford Invasion'. Admittedly,David's take on his dear pa's most famous role was played as a clone of the universe's favourite cosmic hobo,but why the possibility of featuring a similar scenario on screen alongside the incumbent Eleventh wasn't at least discussed nobody knows. We think its about time this was put right, in tribute to the recorder-loving legend!

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