Doctor Who: 5 Things That Could Be Next For The Great Intelligence

Dod Amid the flurry of speculation as to what the Twelfth Doctor's personality might be like following his tantalisingly brief cameo in 'The Day Of The Doctor', and as a prelude to his first full appearance in the follow up 'The Time Of...' it might be worth remembering that the Great Intelligence is presumably still at large somewhere within his timestream. Clara Oswald may have time-splintered herself in an effort to stop the big bad GI from meddling but it surely can't be that easy to just get rid of it! Which raises an interesting possible dilemma/arc for Twelve. Many of them in fact but let's start from the beginning of sorts and its first meetings with the Second Doctor. Could it be that some part of the sentient menace first seen in 'The Abominable Snowmen' has made itself comfortable in the Eleventh Doctor's mind following 'The Name Of The Doctor' and is waiting to assert itself when the right moment comes to strike? After all it did say it wouldn't rest until every last one of the Doctor's victories was turned to defeat even if it killed itself in the process. Which raises some potentially fascinating new developments and rather more questions to be answered. But if it comes to pass it could take things in a brave new direction-Time Lord and sworn enemy battling for control of a still-brewing mind and personality. Jump into WhatCulture's timestream and hold on to your hats..

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