Doctor Who: 5 Things That Could Be Next For The Great Intelligence

5. Revenge Is Sweet

Doctor Who Yeti Both the Doctor and the Intelligence have come a long way since their first screen meeting in 'The Abominable Snowmen'. The Intelligence's quest has been simple enough- it doesn't have a physical body but covets one, and every time it thinks its pulled it off up pops the Time Lord to stop him. Revenge and the desire for it has coloured its every encounter with the man from Gallifrey. And there's one sure-fire means of getting that. Destroying the control spheres for its guard of robot Yeti is first on the Doctor's agenda. Fast forward slightly to 'The Web Of Fear' though and quite another becomes apparent quickly enough. This is what 'The Snowmen' was building up to from the Intelligence's point of view thanks to timey-wimey stuff. Setting a trap to lure the Second incarnation of its foe in a bid to take over his mind using a device of its own construction a caveat is quickly set. The irksome moptop must willingly give himself over for a quick clear-out of his brain! And he's only got twenty minutes to decide yes or no. Quite the poser most would say but for the Time Lord there's only one answer. Using a possessed Professor Travers, making a return appearance following his debut in 'The Abominable Snowmen' to set out its terms and take Victoria Waterfield hostage to ensure the Doctor's compliance, it soon seems that this time the formless fiend might've won. Just as it's presumably getting ready to gloat about how clever it is the tables turn though. Its own machine is about to be used against it when the Doctor is rescued and the Intelligence is easily sent off into the vastness of space. So what better revenge plot than to sneak into an ever-expanding timestream and have a bit of a meddle when the enemy's at his most vulnerable? Which leads into 'The Name Of The Doctor' and the Whispermen's meeting with Clarence. And by extension the Doctor's greatest secret. Juicy gossip is redefined in one fell swoop.

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