Doctor Who: 6 Amazing Things About 'The Night Of The Doctor'

1. It Gives Us Hope For The 50th Anniversary And The Future

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Wallpaper Edit By Forsakendusk D6prwja Steven Moffat and the BBC have caught a lot of flak from some fans this year largely for The Day Of The Doctor so far feeling like a tribute to Nu-Who and ignoring Classic Who. But as The Night Of The Doctor shows, Moffat lies. He lies, lies, and lies some more. Then he lies again just to be sure. And the enormous surprise of Paul McGann starring in The Night Of The Doctor is what renews or reaffirms hope for The Day Of The Doctor. Only two sets of scenes were seen being filmed by the public so we have no idea what could be lying in wait for us in The Day Of The Doctor. Especially since it's now clear that more people connected to Doctor Who are excellent and prolific liars, and that there can still be secrets. It just takes effort and a lot of deliberate misdirection. But it's not just hope for The Day Of The Doctor that this prequel provides, it's hope for Doctor Who in the long run. As I said, it shows us that there can still be secrets even in the digital age and that the old Doctors can and will return sometimes. McGann and Peter Davison did it, so can the others. And apart from Christopher Eccleston, they all seem happy to make a comeback under the right circumstances. But the biggest beacon of light for a Classic Doctor comeback is that The Night Of The Doctor shows us that Steven Moffat and the BBC are up for it, and that Old and New Who can always be tied together more closely. What did you think of The Night Of The Doctor? Let us know in the comments section below...
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