Doctor Who: All Doctors Ranked From Worst To Best

Allons-y. Or should that be Geronimo?

Who is the greatest Doctor of all time? Matt Smith's old man alien in a young man's body? David Tennant with his emotional powerhouse performances? Tom Baker with all his charisma or Jon Pertwee's debonair gentleman? Has Peter Capaldi won your heart already? Or are you one of those who think Colin Baker was deeply maligned and is actually deserving of greatness?

It comes down to your Doctor - the Doctor you first started watching - and the stories they had. Great companions help too. But it also depends on how your favourite Doctor rises above a terrible script. If the episode is pants but you're still entranced by the Doctor, then the chances are he's doing something right.

This article takes a look at all fourteen incarnations of the Doctor, from William Hartnell to Peter Capaldi. In the Doctor Who canon, the meta-crisis Doctor and the War Doctor do count but Peter Cushing's movie Doctor doesn't. Taking into account their greatest and worst episodes and their contributions to Doctor Who history, let's rank all fourteen Doctors.

Is your Doctor number one? Will you agree with our choices? Feel free as always to comment below and click NEXT to start with number fourteen...

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