Doctor Who: Jon Pertwee’s 10 Best Episodes

The Daemons The Third Doctor €“ easily the most dashing, daring ,colorful and violent Doctor the series has ever produced. Often found speeding in his old roadster Bessie while wearing an eye-catching velvet jacket before defeating the baddies using Venusian Akido (which is throwing people over your shoulder while shouting 'Hai!), it isn't surprising this Doctor and his era's episodes are some of the most popular in the show. Clocking up 24 stories, choosing a top ten for Pertwee is incredibly hard. During his tenure, the series was at its very best €“ thanks to the partnership of Barry Letts and Terrance Dicks, it featured deep, meaningful, well-written plots and a flamboyant, exciting Doctor .This made for simply one of the best run of episodes the series ever produced, so picking out singular episodes is an almost herculean task. Nonetheless, I've made an attempt €“ without further ado, here are Jon Pertwee's ten best episodes, episodes which must surely rank among the best in Doctor Who's history.

10. The Three Doctors

The Three DoctorsEpisode: Season 10, Episode 1 Companions: Jo, The Brigadier Written as a celebration for the show's 10th anniversary, The Three Doctors is the first ever multi-Doctor story in the show and features the First, Second and Third joining forces to stop Omega and his anti-matter universe from draining the Time Lords' power. It's fair to say the episode does have some problems €“ the villain of the piece looks awful and makes very funny noises, while due to the budget Omegas lair looks more like a tinsel fairyland. Yet there is something magical about this episode, with the main ingredients being the relationship between the three Doctors. Troughton and Pertwee are an absolute joy to watch together €“ the joking animosity of their off-screen relations are bought to life brilliantly in the TARDIS, and some of episode one's dialogue is absolutely sparkling. It helped that Troughton is in fine form playing his recorder and can pull worried faces as wonderfully as ever. Yet sadly, due to illness William Hartnell's appearance is rather small, even if this small role, hampered by illness and lack of mobility is still wonderful €“ his 'a dandy and a clown' line is a particular highlight. Throw in some great humor from the Brigadier and a fascinating villain (Omega's backstory is brilliant) you have a most enjoyable anniversary episode. Good job, team!

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