Doctor Who: Ranking Debut Doctor Stories From Worst To Best

A Doctor's first story is meant to calm the fear and light the blue touch paper, but how do they rank?

It was the end, but the moment had been prepared for. It happens every few years, breaking the hearts of millions whilst simultaneously filling them with hope. Regeneration. Matt Smith's Eleventh (Twelfth?... Thirteenth?... oh who cares) Doctor said his farewells on Christmas day, but the show must go on. The Doctors' lives are few but filled with fantastical adventures, everlasting friendships and lots of tears and laughter. Every Doctor has their day (or the Day of the Doctor€) and every Doctor has their debut. From 1963 all the way to 2010 we've experienced eleven debuts, filled with villains, post regenerative stress and our fair share of shop window dummys. A Doctor's first story is meant to calm the fear and light the blue touch paper, but which is better (according to me), and why (still according to me)?

11. Time And The Rani - The Seventh Doctor

Sylvester McCoy€™s debut as The Doctor wasn€™t in question marks holding an umbrella, but lying on the floor wearing a blonde wig pretending to be Colin Baker (long story) . His first story is equally as bizarre, and see€™s returning Timelady villainess, The Rani, attempting to kidnap the universes' greatest geniuses (who all seemingly are from Earth) to, um, do something about Black Matter. I€™m not really 100% sure of what's happening, which doesn€™t help how unbelievably awful this story is. The third story written by Pip and Jane Baker (shudder), wasn€™t even script edited as there was nobody around to do it, and it really does show. McCoy has not found his Doctor yet, and is forced to mispronounce famous sayings whilst dressing up as Napoleon. Companion Mel€™s screams are louder and more irritating than ever before or after, and the alien locals are by far the worst in Doctor Who history until Aliens of London came along. It also marks the musical debut of a certain Keff McCulluch, who€™s nickname, €œDeaf Keff€, should give you a clue about the quality of the incidental music. It does have a couple of saving graces, namely some cute references to former Doctors costumes, fantastic computer effects throughout, and a rather good monster costume for the Tetraps. None of that can save this show however, which is by far the second worst outing for Sylvester McCoy's Doctor (nothing can be worse than Silver Nemesis€), and the worst Doctor debut.

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