Doctor Who: Ranking The Introductions Of Every Doctor

The performances Peter Capaldi has to beat.

The Doctor loves an entrance. Well, any person who has a time travelling blue box is bound to! Once the doors open, the Time Lord strides into wherever he lands like he owns the place, whether that's being a moody Northerner in a leather jacket or donning a ridiculous coat with every conceivable colour on the spectrum. The Eleven Doctors have all had their own introductions to the audience. For the majority of the incarnations, their first scenes are usually lopped onto the end of their predecessors swansong with barely enough time to make an impression. Off-screen, the audience is always well aware of who the next Doctor will be for months before his introduction with the press hordes looking for every juicy detail about the new Doctor. However, the true first impression is found in their first story/episode, written especially for them. Sometimes he's fine, sometimes the regeneration threatens to fail and sometimes he's asleep, but however the new Doctor is introduced, it is usually memorable. With Peter Capaldi's d├ębut on its way, hold on as we fire up the TARDIS in a journey backwards and forwards in time to the first ever stories of The Doctor ranked in order of worst to best.

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