Doctor Who: 10 Actresses Who Could Replace Jenna Coleman

If Clara's on her way out, who could be on their way in?

Rumours have been flying around since before Series 8 finished that Jenna Coleman might be leaving Doctor Who soon. Some 'sources' claimed she was leaving in its finale, Death in Heaven, which ultimately turned out to be false. Others have suggested she'll be leaving in this month's Christmas Special, Last Christmas, which has yet to be determined. Peter Capaldi has told fans that they'll simply have to €œwait and see€ what lies ahead for the impossible girl on Christmas Day, but, most recently, rumours suggest she won€™t be leaving in the festive episode after all, resulting in one very confused fanbase indeed. Regardless of whether she leaves at Christmas or not, Coleman will be leaving the show at some point, even if it€™s after another series. It€™ll probably be before Capaldi goes, too, since he€™s allegedly signed up for Series 9 and 10. Therefore, the person who replaces her will need to have good chemistry with him, as well as the ability to hold their own against the sheer talent he exudes through his performances. No pressure, but there's plenty of actresses out there who are worthy to take on the coveted challenge. The following list will take a look at 10 of them, detailing why they should and shouldn't, and why they might and might not. So, let's get started!

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