Doctor Who: 10 Awesome Moments From Series 6's US Two-Parter

10. The Death Of The Doctor

The Impossible Astronaut opened innocently enough with Amy, Rory and River accepting the Doctor's invitation to Lake Silencio in Utah. When they pressed him for information about what he was planning, he merely responded that it had to do with the Apollo moon landing in 1969. As if on cue, an astronaut appeared in the lake, and another man drove up on a cliff overlooking the lake. The stage was set. It was obvious to the others that the Doctor knew what was going on, but his reluctance to explain anything was making them nervous. And then everything seemed to happen at once. The astronaut shot the Doctor and triggered a regeneration, which itself caused the audience to collectively spit out their jammy dodgers since no cast change had been announced. But then the astronaut shot the Doctor again... and this time he was dead. He was really, truly dead. To see the Doctor die in this fashion was the single most shocking event Doctor Who had ever seen. How was the show supposed to continue now? What happened to the rest of the series? Had they decided to cancel the show and take it off air with a bang?! Not likely. What followed next was even more confusing...
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