Doctor Who - 10 Best Moments Of The Third Doctor


"A straight line may be the shortest distance between two points, but it is by no means the most interesting." - The Doctor If there was ever a Doctor that lived up to making things more interesting, it was the Third Doctor. Though David Tennant and Matt Smith may have stolen some of the thunder in more recent years, it was Jon Pertwee who first made the Doctor's alien nature easier for the human race to comprehend. After being forced to regenerate to a new form and exiled by his fellow Time Lords to primitive planet Earth, the Doctor took up a fancier and more sophisticated style. With Einstein-like gray locks, a fabulous velvet cape, and a modified yellow Edwardian Roadster the Third Doctor made being forced to stay on Earth look good. Jon Pertwee's Doctor was always ready with a sarcastic quip and an outfit for every occasion. Though he never seemed to find that companion who was entirely content "handing him test tubes and telling him how brilliant he was," the Doctor found incredibly interesting people willing to travel with him. Together we will explore some of the Third Doctor's finer finesses and the details that truly make him the one of the greatest ever to pilot the TARDIS. Special thanks to the BBC Who-ology Guide from Cavan Scott and Mark Wright for some of the more specific trivial details.

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