Doctor Who: 10 Biggest "OMG!" Moments In New Who

Journeying through time and space is pretty jaw-dropping anyway, but these moments take the cake!

Dr Who Regenerates

“OMG!” is an exclamation that can be used in a variety of different contexts; something surprises you? “OMG!”. Something scares the crap out of you? “OMG!”. Something amazing happens and leaves you in awe? “OMG!”. It really is a multi-purpose expression, and a sentiment that is definitely already well known to fans of Doctor Who.

In a show that can go literally anywhere and any-when in the whole of time and space, there’s bound to be more than a few “OMG!” moments mixed in the bag. In fact, there are so many it was difficult just narrowing them down to a list of ten, but we like a challenge so that’s exactly what we’ve gone and done.

We have only included New Who in this list as it would be frankly impossible to stick to just ten moments if we were including all of the classic serials as well. Obviously, there are going to be spoilers ahead so consider this your official warning.

10. Your First View Of The TARDIS - Rose

Dr Who Regenerates
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This might seem like an odd one if you were old enough to have seen the classic series already by the time the show returned in 2005, but really this moment could apply to any episode depending on where you started with the show.

When Rose Tyler first enters the TARDIS, moments after fleeing a destructive plastic replica of her boyfriend Mickey, the whole episode comes to a halt, in a good way. Rose is shocked at what she sees, her brain struggling to process how exactly the inside of the TARDIS can fit into the outside. For those of us who started with the show at this point, this was a perfect moment in which the audience identified with Rose. We felt her sense of bewilderment and amazement. We shared her curiosity, her nerves and the sense that magical things happened inside this ship with this strange alien man.

Everything falls in to place here, from the way the scene is shot, first showing us Billie Piper’s reaction before giving us a slow look around the TARDIS interior, the way Ecclestone stands stoic and matter-of-fact about his alien nature, and the very design of the season 1 TARDIS which has magical, ethereal quality to it that some later models wouldn’t have.

Your first view of the TARDIS is a pivotal moment in the experience of any fans time with the show and is something you remember forever. Regardless of whether you first saw the TARDIS will original Doctor William Hartnell or just recently with Jodie Whittaker (or any Doctor in between), getting your head around the “bigger on the inside” concept is definitely an “OMG!” moment.

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