Doctor Who: 10 Biggest NuWho Plot Twists Nobody Saw Coming

9. The War Doctor

Doctor Who Rose Bad Wolf

Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary episode was coming up fast and speculation was through the roof as to who would be returning and who wouldn’t be. However, no one could have suspected that a new Doctor would’ve been thrown into the mix.

When the show came back in 2005, it shocked many fans that The Doctor’s home planet was gone due to the Time War between the Timelords and the Daleks. It was an even greater shock when we found out The Doctor was the one who killed all the Timelords and he is the last one left.

We all assumed it was the Eighth Doctor who fought in the Time War, as when we are introduced to Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor, he is shown to be seeing his face for the first time - hinting that he was wounded in the war.

No one thought there was a Doctor in between the two, but the final episode of season seven proved everyone wrong, as it revealed John Hurt to be the War Doctor in the very end of The Name of the Doctor.

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