Doctor Who: 10 Characters Who Should Return For Russell T Davies New Series

Russell T Davies is returning to Doctor Who... but which characters should he bring back with him?

Torchwood Gwen Gun

Russell T Davies revived Doctor Who from the dead back in 2005. The show had been off air for 16 years, save for the Paul McGann TV movie which failed to revive the series in the way Russell did. He introduced audiences to a rich world with complex storytelling, diverse characters and a wealth of heart and emotion.

The RTD era gave us the Ninth and Tenth Doctors, who are arguably two of the greatest. He was also responsible for some near perfect seasons, with season four, featuring Donna Noble, as the absolute peak of his time in the show. When the Tenth Doctor said “I don’t want to go,” that was really Russell telling us how he didn’t really want to go as well… But now he’s back!

Twelve years after he stepped down as showrunner he’s back in charge and we can’t wait to see what he’s got in store. Even if you’ve loved Moffat and Chibnall’s eras, it’s undeniable that viewing figures have dropped and Russell seems set to revive the show again. But with his close connection to Doctor Who, and the amazing backlog of characters he created, who do fans want to see again? Well, that’s what we’re about to find out.

10. Clyde And Rani

Torchwood Gwen Gun

Clyde Langer and Rani Chandra were best friends and part of the Bannerman Road gang who helped Sarah Jane Smith take on lesser alien threats. Sarah Jane had a positive influence on the group, particularly Rani. She went on to become a journalist and travelled the world, telling the most important stories and toppling corrupt governments.

Clyde had a troubled family history, but overcame that with the help of his friends and grew into a strong, capable young man. After leaving Bannerman Road, he went on to become a successful comic book writer, with movies of his comics in production.

Clyde and Rani were always very close during their time in the Bannerman Road gang. It was even hinted that they might be close romantically, but it was never confirmed or denied, so it would be interesting to see where they're at as adults.

After Sarah Jane's memorial service, Clyde, Rani and Luke followed up Sarah Jane's wishes for them to close down the house, so they have had a brief reunion lately, proving they remained close, trusted friends. Fingers crossed, this means we'll see them again soon!

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