Doctor Who: 10 Directions The Show Could Go In Next

8. Omega

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Davies always made sure to include plenty of links to the past in his rebooted version of Doctor Who.

The Daleks came back, and so did the Cybermen, the Sontarans, and the Master. But one of the Doctor's most intimidating foes still hasn't been seen on TV since 1983 (properly - we're not counting that cameo in The Timeless Children).

Omega was one of Gallifrey's greatest heroes. He helped perfect the science of time travel, shaping the Time Lord race as we know it. He has faced the Doctor a few times over the years - most notably in the show's tenth anniversary special - and as previously mentioned, he's been offscreen for decades now. But that could change under RTD's new regime.

For the Tenth Doctor's final story, Davies brought back Rassilon, another legendary Time Lord on par with Omega. Rassilon hadn't been seen in quite a while until his appearance in The End of Time, but he was presented so effectively that his long absence made no difference.

Omega would make a fantastic villain for an upcoming episode (or series) of Doctor Who, and a revival would be an excellent chance to teach new fans about some of the wonderful characters of classic Who.

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