Doctor Who: 10 Factors That Should Be Included In Series 9

Looking to the future.

Series 8 of NuWho caused quite the divide between its audience and the critics of the show, and many would say that, as much as a brilliant Doctor Peter Capaldi has already proven he is, the Twelfth Doctor just didn't have enough gratitude and recognition he deserved when he made his long awaited debut in the Whoniverse. Come on, those eyebrows are enough brilliance to say the least! Nevertheless, Peter Capaldi has - supposedly - signed on to do two more series of Doctor Who. With this in mind, there should be enough time to view the inner depths of the dark and mysterious Twelfth Doctor and give the writers some time to expand on the newest Doctor that viewers currently know so little about. Furthermore, hopefully his reappearing faces from Series 4's 'The Fires of Pompeii' and Torchwood: The Children of Earth, and if not... Someone has some explaining to do! So, with an extensive wait to go for the Doctor's arrival, Series 9 can be narrowly seen in the distance, and seemingly, the first episode concerns a magician and his/her apprentice, here are 10 factors that the writers of the show should include in its upcoming ninth series, ranging from companion comeback and slightly more interesting stories to a return of one long gone home and the slightly less appearance of those cantankerous little Daleks. Buckle up and full steam ahead...
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