Doctor Who: 10 Factors That Should Be Included In Series 9

10. A Male Companion... At Last!

The Doctor has travelled with many companions over its 51 year history however in NuWho, there have been 4 - yes, FOUR! - male companions to date, including Mickey, Captain Jack, Adam (as short lived as his TARDIS tenure once) and Rory Williams. Is Danny Pink classed as a companion? Judging from the episodes of Series 8, there has some doubt on it. Furthermore, Classic Who has an increased amount of male company, with Jamie McCrimmon, Turlough, Adric, Ian Chesterton, Harry Sullivan, Steve and Ben to its name. So, maybe it's time to have an undivided change and a full time male companion is added into the mix? The reason for this is because it creates an interesting and unique dynamic for the Doctor which would be entertaining to watch as it has been both intriguing and humorous in the past.
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