Doctor Who: 10 Greatest NuWho Speeches

Looking back on all of NuWho's best Doctor speeches.

Doctor Who The Zygon Invasion Peter Capaldi Clara Oswald Jenna Coleman

The Doctor is someone who knows how to use their words as weapons; sometimes that's the only thing that keeps him from being killed by his many enemies. It's natural that someone who is so old and has so much knowledge can create some amazing and timeless words of wisdom. Since the very beginning, The Doctor has constantly been able to pull out many powerful and meaningful speeches that draw raw emotions from the actors themselves to the fans watching on the small screen.

Not every speech has to be life-changing and remarkable, some of The Doctor's best speeches are the ones when he's talking to their companions about his love for the human race and sharing his wisdom about life itself.

Each Doctor is different from the other, but one thing they all have in common is the power when delivering their iconic monologues. Fiery and inspirational, these speeches The Doctor makes are nothing less than encouraging, exciting and sometimes heartbreaking.

This list is judging the speeches on the words and content alone, rather than the episode that surrounds it.

10. Twelve's Regeneration - Twelfth Doctor

Doctor Who The Zygon Invasion Peter Capaldi Clara Oswald Jenna Coleman

"Remember: Hate is always foolish… and love is always wise."

After putting off his regeneration and meeting his previous self, the Twelfth Doctor finally decided it was his time to give up his ego and let another Doctor take over his body. Although he was tired of constantly changing his appearance and personality, he departed with a few words to say to the next Doctor that was going to come along.

His speech sums up all his emotions about how he felt about constantly changing his face and personality, and reminding the universe who he is, what he has done for them and why he deserves better than to constantly regenerate.

It was a speech which very much felt like the actor himself was talking to the fans through his character, uttering his final words “Doctor, I let you go” in a regretful way, as it felt Peter Capaldi did not want to leave the world of Who.

His heartbreaking yet uplifting speech was also seen as a love letter to the fans who supported Capaldi throughout his run, ending with a simple yet touching line “laugh hard, run fast and be kind".

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