Doctor Who: 10 Historical Figures The Doctor Should Totally Meet

Doctor Who Margaret Thatcher The Doctor has met many a historical figure in his time in the TARDIS - kings, queens, pirates, authors, outlaws, the list goes on. As what a certain university would call a 'history geek', I claimed this article sharpish, and now hope to give my view on which 10 historical figures we should pair with the Doctor next.

10. Jane Austen

Jane Austen The Doctor has met a whole load of authors so far, but Jane Austen hasn't yet been graced with the visit of a big blue box. The sight of a modern companion might be shocking to her, but imagine that Elizabeth Bennett (Pride and Prejudice) was actually based on a time traveller from the 21st century. I can definitely see the Doctor as a Mr Darcy or similar. Most people see the world of Austen as alien to our own, so it's almost like visiting a different planet for the viewers. And the reaction of the pre-Victorians to an alien invasion would certainly be worth watching. On the downside, it would be a lot of work for the costumes department to create costumes for all the extras, but who doesn't love dressing up as a posh Georgian lady (unless you are male, obviously). She is also a well know literary figure, and would be an unlikely ally of the Doctor - it would be a great surprise to see her fighting off the bad guys like the best of them!

I am just starting out with writing, but love Doctor Who with a passion.