Doctor Who: 10 More Actresses Who Could Play The 12th Doctor

maggie in the tardis

Due to a behind-the-scenes mix up it turns out that two writers must have claimed the right to write an article on this topic. Frustratingly - for me - fellow WhatCulture! writer James Ramos recently posted an article on this website entitled 'Doctor Who: 5 Actresses Who Could Play the Twelfth Doctor' Since only one of my choices matched his and since I had put a great deal of thought and passion into the article already I felt justified in completing it anyway. No disrespect to James intended, combine our articles to create a super-power-ranger-morphing suit article as I have swapped my initial choice of Helena Bonham Carter for someone else. Please read on... Now, I don't actually think having the Doctor regenerate into a woman makes a lot of sense. He's a man. Why would his body heal itself by turning into a woman? But I still do think there are many, extremely talented women out there who have what it takes to play the iconic role so this list celebrates the possibilities of that alternate timeline where The Doctor is a woman. In order to add a bit of structure to this list I introduced a couple of constraints to the choices that I could make. For example the actresses had to be from the United Kingdom as every actor to have played the Doctor has been - we need to keep some level of believability, we're already casting him as a woman, lets not go crazy! Also, they have to be alive. But apart for those limitations the picks could be anyone. In addition to casting ten women in the role of the Doctor I've also picked who will play their version of The Master as well as picking out one companion for each of them. Mainly the companions are male because if you have a female lead you also need a male lead. It's just tradition. So without further bluster take a look at 10 more actresses who could play the 12th Doctor.

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