Doctor Who: 10 Most Infuriating Cliffhangers Of The Classic Series

Confounding cliffhangers.

The revised version of Doctor Who which debuted in 2005 was in many ways an extremely successful updating of the classic series. Along with vastly improved special effects, there was a streamlining of the episodes which, for the most part, dropped the multi-part format that had long been a staple of the programme. This reduced vastly the amount of filler the individual episodes have (a lot less running up and down corridors and getting captured) but along with this change, something else was lost as well: the cliffhangers. For those who grew up along with the programme, they can well remember the torture of seeing the Doctor or his companions trapped in some precarious position and having to wait an entire week to find out what would happen to them next. The question of how in the world the Doctor and his crew would escape from this latest predicament was never far from the fan's mind, and in a world before the Internet and pop-culture analysis, there was no way to cheat and find spoilers even if you wanted to. Some cliffhangers were well written, fantastic and thrilling, but others were less so. In fact, some were just so ridiculous, pathetic or flat-out ridiculous they made you want to kick in your television set. Here's 10 examples of cliffhangers from Classic Who which are all infuriating in their own unique ways.
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