Doctor Who: 10 Places The Doctor Has Never Visited On-Screen

9. The Gates Of Elysium

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A pivotal moment in the Time War - a major battle at the fabled 'Gates of Elysium' was when Dalek creator Davros was said to have been killed in the conflict.

The Tenth Doctor believed, in 2008's The Stolen Earth, that Davros' command ship had flown into the jaws of the Nightmare Child - an often discussed but never depicted monstrosity from the Time War. This battle, and Davros' death, supposedly occurred only one year into the Time War, with the Doctor unable to save his enemy from the monster.

However, managing to fly into the devastation, the last of the Cult of Skaro - Dalek Caan - saved Davros. The spared Davros would later rebuild his Dalek Empire with his own cells and help his army construct a reality bomb to conquer the universe.

Unlike the Fall of Arcadia or the Last Day, this Time War moment hasn't been shown on-screen. Like other conflicts mentioned throughout the show such as the Battle of Skull Moon, the perilous events surrounding the Gates of Elysium are left to our imagination.

A Time War TV series featuring the Eighth Doctor, or a younger War Doctor, could easily fill the gap that this important event has left in the Doctor Who timeline.

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