Doctor Who: 10 Potential Actors Who Could Play The 14th Doctor

Next Doctor Who actor speculation: Who will replace Jodie Whittaker as the Fourtheenth Doctor.


In a shocking turn of events it has been revealed by the Mirror (and other various British tabloids) that Jodie Whitaker will be quitting the role as the Thirteenth Doctor at the end of her next run of episodes. Not surprising, of course, considering it has become a bit of a tradition laid out by Patrick Troughton to leave Doctor Who after three series.

Other actors have definitely more than exceeded this length aboard the TARDIS, like with Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee. With all the various rumours going around regarding Jodie Whitaker's future on Doctor Who, fans were beginning to question what was truth and just simply fabrication to create chatter. But it did seem likely that Jodie Whitaker would leave after Series 13, given she's been in the role since 2017, and probably wishes to move onto other projects.

Plus, looking at current Doctor Who objectively, it's not exactly been the most sound ride for Jodie Whitaker's Doctor, given the decline in ratings, a fandom in disarray over split opinions, and of course the writing hasn't been on par. The saddening truth is that her time on the show hasn't done her many favours, so it wouldn't be all that surprising if she's simply had enough.

However, this should still be taken with a grain of salt because neither the BBC, nor Jodie Whitaker's representatives, have yet confirmed whether these tabloids are telling the truth. This could all turn out to be false information. Regardless of this, we can still look at this as an opportunity to look forward and discuss the future of the iconic Time Lord, and who could potentially take the reigns of the TARDIS once Jodie Whitaker regenerates.


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