Doctor Who: 10 Reasons Big Finish Is Better Than The TV Series

Some stories should be heard and not seen.

Big Finish have been producing audio adventures for the Doctor since 1999. In this time they have achieved great success with stories featuring all of the still living Classic Doctors, and even a few of the ones who have passed on through the magic of audio clips and impersonators. But their biggest success story - other than finally showing us what Colin Baker can do when he's given great scripts - has been in fleshing out Paul McGann€™s Eighth Doctor. After the TV movie in 1996, many fans were upset that McGann was never given the opportunity to showcase his talent in a full season. Despite a dissatisfying story, his performance was enough for fans to know that he would make a great Time Lord. As such, when Big Finish began releasing single audio adventures for his Doctor in the Classic Series format (4 half hour episodes), things were finally looking up but then it got even more exciting when they started to write €œseries€ of stories for McGann. These 35-45 minute instalments echoed the feel of the newly revamped TV series but still had a unique style of their very own. After four series of these adventures, McGann€™s Doctor moved into a new phase, known as Dark Eyes, which comprised of bigger adventures compiled into boxsets. These seasons were even bigger and more exciting than the TV show but if you still need more proof, here are just ten reasons as to why you should really be listening to the audio series instead...

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