Doctor Who: 10 Reasons The Doctor Should Never Be A Woman

The views must be altered to fit the facts.

Since the beginning of time, the Doctor has continually regenerated come the need to cheat death. He€™s the same man with a new face but whenever he has, though, it has been a fairly profound tradition among fans to contemplate who the next Doctor might be. While they do so, they also start to express who they might want to see become the Doctor - a younger Doctor, an ethnic Doctor and most popularly and the most disputed of them all€ a female Doctor! Even though a pro-feminism stance has been greatly established among the audience, and the will to witness a woman step in and take lead in what has been a lifetime of adventure continues to draw breath, it is quite impossible for it to actually happen. Mind you, this isn€™t a disregard of women and men being equals. In truth, it is the show that keeps it all together. Nevertheless, when you think about it in terms of Doctor Who and the upshot of the series, it€™s just a vague idea that barely has the ability to convey, given the numerous well-meaning bearings and sciencey explanations. Granted it€™s fairly obvious that most fans would disagree but give these thoughts a look and you€™ll be reconsidering in no time at all!
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