Doctor Who: 10 Storylines That Should've Been A Spin Off

There's always something left to explore.

Doctor Who is a show that can spawn ideas beyond the reach of possibility itself and the show thrives on bringing something fresh and original to its 50+ year legacy. From the exploration of time travel and the birth of new species to sonic devices and technological advances that would suppress any form of army, Doctor Who continues to give us the escapism from reality that its audience craves and deserves. But there has also been something else that has spawned from the greatest of the show - the formidable spin offs. Since Doctor Who is in itself part of a limitless and ever expanding universe of timey-wimey stuff, there was no reason not to introduce a side series expanding from that universe, as everyone loves seeing the gaps being filled. Think of it like a bubble, with loads of tinier bubbles in it... or something like that. Despite the fact that there are endless outcomes for a spin off show, there have only been two strong side shows that have drawn a diverse audience to the universe of Doctor Who, one being Torchwood and the other being The Sarah Jane Adventures, which marked the continuation of a legendary companion. With that said, here is a list of 10 Doctor Who storylines that should've spawned a spin off of their own. Because there's always something left to explore in the Whoniverse...

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