Doctor Who: 10 Tear-Jerking Moments Of The Revived Series

10. River Is Saved (Forest Of The Dead)

Kicking off the list in spectacular style is one of the most complex and mysterious characters in Doctor Who history, Professor River Song. Turning out to be Amy and Rory's daughter and eventually the Doctor's wife, she contains a crucial amount of backstory to herself and indeed the Doctor himself. Her character got off to a rocky start, though, as the two parter in which she was introduced - Series 4's Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead - ended in her untimely death, which lay a heaven burden on the Doctor. The viewers may have speculated that this mysterious character was the Doctor's wife but it was seemingly too late to find out as she sacrificed herself to save her and our beloved Time Lord. Just as they were both getting close, to the point where River had - supposedly - whispered the Doctor's name into his ear, she had chosen to give up her life for a much greater cause. This does bring a tear to the eye as you feel for both the characters due to their intimate connection, though at the time, neither us nor the Doctor had any idea what that intimate connection was! Spoilers, sweetie... Tumblr Ls42feznqu1qk9mhk Gif

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