Doctor Who: 10 Things You Never Realised About Series 8

10. The Twelfth Doctor Enjoys Food

Compared to his post-2005 predecessors, the Twelfth version of the Doctor ate and drank a lot more often. Sure, the Eleventh Doctor liked fish fingers and custard, and the Ninth and Tenth were into bananas (in daiquiri form or not). For the most part though, they only ate when their companions required it. They had holiday dinners and picnics, but the Doctor usually had to be convinced to stay. In Robots of Sherwood, shortly before the Doctor was fighting Robin Hood with a spoon, he was eating something yoghurt-like. Time Heist had him eating Chinese takeaway, and Mummy on the Orient Express heralded the return of Jelly Babies - now in a fancy case. He also gets himself a coffee when returning with Clara's order, albeit two weeks late. It's not that fans don't expect the Doctor to eat, but rarely has it been made such an obvious character trait. Usually, he and his companions are too busy running, jumping, and saving the world, and the refueling happens off-screen. Will any comment on his eating habits be made in Series 9?
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