Doctor Who: 10 Times The Doctor Being There Made It Worse

Never be cruel, never be cowardly. But try to actually help.

Doctor Who Genesis of the Daleks

According to The Doctor’s Wife, the TARDIS would always take the Doctor not necessarily where he wanted to go, but where he needed to be. With that in mind, it might be fair to assume that she was in some really sadistic moods at times, because there have been some occasions where she has taken the Doctor and company somewhere it might have been best they hadn’t landed in the first place.

No matter the incarnation, The Doctor has always spent his or her time travelling the universe in an attempt to right the wrongs they encounter, but there are some scenarios where even they can’t save the day. Indeed, in some rare cases like these, they do tend to make things a lot, lot worse. Sometimes taking the mantra of never be cruel and never be cowardly can backfire on the Time Lord, other times their curiosity can end up being the cause of a lot of unnecessary death and destruction, on occasion including the Doctor’s own, and in certain circumstances, they were just a plain idiot.

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