Doctor Who: 10 Times The Doctor Was Out Of Their Depth

These are the times the Doctor couldn't handle it by themselves!

Doctor Who Midnight

The Doctor's pretty much unbeatable, right? Unwavering and unyielding! Nothing can even phase them! You'd certainly be forgiven for thinking so. They love to make grandiose speeches about how brilliant they are and how their enemies should tremble before them, and they approach situations with such swagger that you're certain they're going to solve the problem at hand in no time. After all, they've done it countless times before!

But this confidence doesn't always ring true. Although the Doctor is often very capable of saving the day without breaking a sweat, they can't solve every problem thrown their way. There have been times when they've been truly challenged, when they've been completely out of their depth and had to turn to others for help. When this happens, the Doctor's bravado begins to falter, and it's fascinating -- and frightening -- to see. Whether it be an unfamiliar situation or an apparently unwinnable one, these are the times when the Doctor's capabilities were pushed beyond their limits.

10. Living As A Lodger

Doctor Who Midnight

This may not be the most desperate situation the Doctor's been in, but it certainly pushed him far outside of his comfort zone. While investigating an unusual alien incursion on an unremarkable street, the Doctor decides to go undercover as an ordinary resident, lodging with bumbling everyman Craig Owens (played by James Corden).

This inherently comic scenario leads to a whole host of hilarious shenanigans as the Doctor tries to blend in with ordinary suburban life. His unusual fashion sense and offbeat mannerisms raise a few eyebrows for a start, but things get outrageous when he, for example, runs around the house in a hastily-donned towel brandishing an electric toothbrush which he's mistaken for his sonic screwdriver. Craig's girlfriend even raises suspicion that the Doctor might be a drug dealer, and Craig himself seems a little on-edge about him too.

Luckily, the Doctor is able to win them over because, surprisingly, he's actually quite good at a couple of key aspects of ordinary life. He whips up an apparently delicious omelette for Craig, and leads his pub league football team to an unexpected victory. He even successfully takes over Craig's call centre job while he's unwell, with a little help from a steady supply of biscuits. The Doctor may not quite have blended in, but in the end he handled this fish-out-of-water situation surprisingly well.

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