Doctor Who: 10 Worst Episodes Of The Decade

Like almost every great television show, Doctor Who can't be brilliant all the time...


The premise of Doctor Who can be both a blessing and a curse. Given the Doctor can literally travel anywhere in time and space, the number of potential stories is essentially limitless, and as a result, every series is always packed with variety.

Thankfully, the various actors who have played the Doctor throughout the last decade have been so good that even some of the weaker episodes are far from terrible.

Having said that, each series has certainly had a number of episodes which have stood out for the wrong reasons, and the issues with such episodes are by no means uniform.

Whilst a number of them were too ambitious, others were lacking in enough quality ideas to sustain the runtime. Moreover, some of the weaker episodes of the last ten years were also frustrating as they clearly had some interesting ideas that – for one reason or another – weren’t executed in the way they should have been.

However, it’s a testament to how good the show has been throughout the last decade that some of the worst episodes still contain something of merit…

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