Doctor Who: 11 Cool Details We Just Learned About Vincent And The Doctor

The Doctor and Vincent once had a wrestling match. Seriously.


One of the benefits of being permanently stuck indoors is that it gives us more time to watch our favourite TV shows and movies, and to play our favourite games.

With that in mind, Doctor Who has proven extremely useful over the last couple of weeks, with fans all over the world taking part in mass watch-along sessions of some of the show's most notable and most popular modern episodes.

This "Lockdown Who" tradition gained traction towards the end of March, when former showrunner Steven Moffat live-tweeted 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor (revealing all kinds of awesome behind-the-scenes details in the process), and recently, Series 5 episode Vincent and the Doctor was part of a similar event, with a watch-along taking place on the anniversary of Van Gogh's birthday.

This time, writer Richard Curtis (via his partner Emma Freud's Twitter account) and stars Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Tony Curran were among the famous faces who sent out tweets alongside the episode, giving us a whole load of interesting, funny, and weird details about this saddening yet crowd-pleasing Eleventh Doctor adventure.

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