Doctor Who: 12 Reasons To Love The Twelfth Doctor

11. His Wit

One of the Doctor's trademarks has always been his sharp wit, but his twelfth incarnation takes it to a whole new level. His brittle personality lends an extra snap to his comments and observations (and the aforementioned Scottishness plays a role in that, too). Yes, this Doctor has less patience than some of his predecessors, and this is reflected in his speech. A prime example of this is the Doctor's comment to Vastra in Deep Breath about how he catnaps through other people's dialogue, dismissive as usual of what those around him have to say. He also demonstrates his typical manipulation of words with his remark about humans having pudding for brains (rather similar to the Ninth Doctor's description of humanity as "stupid apes"). Into The Dalek saw him take jabs at Clara's age and appearance. Even though the Twelfth Doctor has not been the Doctor for very long, it's safe to say that witty, sometimes caustic remarks will undoubtedly prove to be one of his defining qualities.
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