Doctor Who: 12 Reasons To Love The Twelfth Doctor

10. His Intellect

A key aspect of the Doctor has always been his intellectual prowess€”he has lived for millennia; he has studied the secrets of the universe, so you would expect him to be a towering paradigm of intelligence. The Twelfth Doctor delivers without fail on this count. From the way he used hair to check the air disturbance in Mancini's to the deductions he made inside Rusty, Twelve has proven that his brain is intact and firing on all cylinders now that he has overcome the initial shock of regeneration. This is perhaps the most important part of the Doctor, and his latest regeneration has proven he possesses this prowess in spades. But there's something vaguely different about this Doctor's intellect. Like the rest of him, it feels sharper and more unpredictable as if there is no control over what his brain will figure out next. Will this out-of-control aspect of his mental powers play a part in later episodes? There is no way we can know this for certain, but one thing is for sure€”the way his firecracker of a mind sparks and leaps to conclusions the rest of us would miss is the clearest sign of all that this is the same man as before.
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