Doctor Who: 5 Best Dalek Defeats In NuWho

The Daleks are dangerous foes, but they're no match for The Doctor and his companions!

The Daleks

Right from their first appearance in Doctor Who's second ever story in 1963, the pepper-pot shaped villains known as the Daleks became instant icons, forever changing the landscape of what kind of show Doctor Who was to become.

Originally conceived as an educational series for children, the creepy Daleks sent the show's target audience scrambling to hide behind the sofa, and firmly established Doctor Who as a sci-fi adventure to be enjoyed by the whole family, rather than just children.

Ever since, The Daleks have appeared as The Doctor's absolute arch-enemies, the most dangerous, and feared, of his many foes. This hadn't changed by the time the revived series of Doctor Who, affectionately dubbed NuWho by fans, debuted back in 2005. In fact, it is at least partially due to the Daleks that The Doctor begins NuWho as the Last of the Timelords, thanks to the role they played as Gallifrey's enemies in the Time War, a little seen, universe changing event between the classic and new series of Doctor Who.

While the Daleks are certainly a formidable foe, The Doctor and co almost always manage to stop them somehow, and since the series is closing in on it's 60th anniversary, these defeats come about in increasingly creative ways. Here are the five best Dalek defeats in NuWho

5. Destroyed By Their Own Rejects, The Witch's Familiar, Series 9

The second part of Doctor Who's series opening two-parter, The Witch's Familiar reveals that the Daleks dispose of their dead, dying, or injured through Skaro's sewer system. At first, this seems to be a fun fact from Missy to Clara as they travel through said sewer system in an effort to return to The Doctor.

However, this small piece of exposition becomes a vital plot point later in the episode, when Davros and the Daleks plans come to fruition.

Davros believes that he has tricked The Twelfth Doctor into giving him regeneration energy that has restored the dying creator of the Daleks to full health and strengthened the Daleks themselves, transforming them into a form of Dalek/Timelord hybrid.

However, Davros fails to realise that the energy is also being channelled into the dead and dying Daleks in the sewers, and they are not happy about being abandoned. The Doctor makes a hasty escape with Clara as the rejected Daleks rise from the grave to take their revenge on the city and their creator..

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