Doctor Who: 5 Big Finish Crossovers We Need To Hear Now

5. Silver Cloak - The Adventures Of Wilfred Mott


Bernard Cribbins as Wilf Mott has to be one of the greatest things to come out of revived Doctor Who. A war veteran, and grandfather to Donna Noble, Wilf's boundless enthusiasm about aliens, his sense of national pride, and bravery when facing horrors forever endeared Cribbins to a post-Womble generation.

In the final story of David Tennant's tenure, 'The End of Time', we see Wilf and his Care Home cohorts band together to track down the elusive Time Lord. The Silver Cloak, as they call themselves, appear as a bunch of lively OAPs; full of stories and looking for a few more adventures before they shuffle off. Their pensioner network had a very 'Baker Street Irregulars' vibe when Minnie (played by June Whitfield) explained how they found the Doctor.

Cribbins has appeared in a Big Finish story before so he's familiar with the team and their work. It'd be great to hear Wilf and the rest of the Silver Cloak meeting up to track down "dem aliens!" again and then having to improvise when they succeed. With the right writer, it might make a good Torchwood parody. It may not be able to carry a whole series, but a one-off story with June Whitfield, Allister Bain and any other veteran actors who want to come along could be a great special for those missing Wilf. Plus, with Catherine Tate having reprised her role as Donna at Big Finish earlier in the year, a cameo wouldn't go amiss.


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