Doctor Who: 5 Companions For Peter Capaldi's Doctor

Doctor Who Peter Capaldi 2124919 Once Whovians go through the 5 stages of finding out who the new Doctor will be (sadness, anger, denial, bargaining, acceptance), eventually we begin to start thinking about the next few years. And the main thing we think about is: who should travel along with this new face? Inevitably, the writers have some ideas of characters we€™ve never met yet while we have to work with what we€™ve got. So I€™m here to give you five companions the twelfth Doctor would either really get on with, or it would be a hysterical match that I can€™t help but want. But first, we must identify our new Doctor. Here, based off Moffat's quotes, are the qualities of Twelve. Dark The antithesis of Eleven (€œEleven was all about storybooks and fairytales €“ Twelve won€™t be€) Gritty A range of softness to strong and powerful. (not from Moffat but a good idea) Debonair (this has never been said but have you SEEN Peter Capaldi?) With these ideas of who our Doctor will be for the next few years, we can dive into five companions that I think would be either a good tie in, a look back to Eleven (or even further), and some I just want for the quotes that would inevitably come out of the two in multiple episodes together. As a disclaimer, Jenny does NOT appear in this article. I know you€™re shocked, considering all of my Doctor Who articles have had Jenny appear in them, but this one she will not, as I can€™t see her as a companion.

Honorable Mentions: Stormageddon: Dark Lord Of All

Tumblr Ls1m921hi21qa0o0oo1 500 Gif My friend suggested this, and I can see where she€™s coming from, and it€™s certainly creative, but Stormageddon is a bit too tied to Eleven. However, it would certainly be interesting to go 15+ years in the future and pick Stormageddon up, check on Craig and Sophie (I need James Corden€™s to record a reaction to a new Doctor), and ask if he can take Alfie to see the stars like he talked about all those years ago. Alfie would be in awe, much like Amy was, because the Doctor would be something he heard about his entire life but never imagined was true, and now is being taken away with him. I think if Moffat is ever feeling nostalgic, this would be a great story arc to have, and also show a different side of this €œdark€ Doctor we€™re hearing about.
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