Doctor Who: 5 Companions For Peter Capaldi's Doctor

5. Clara

Clara Oswin Oswald Doctor Who 34512044 1440 900 Yeah, I know, this one didn€™t take a lot of creativity to think of, but it€™s going to happen so let€™s talk about it. While Rose had to get used to a completely new Doctor, I think that Post-Ponds Eleven may actually be closer to Twelve than we think, plus Clara already knows that he regenerates, so a lot of the explaining will be moot. The first time Clara meets the Doctor he was at the very pit of his downfall after the Ponds. The Christmas episode aside, she still had to deal with the Doctor while he was getting over the loss of Amy and Rory (and River). To make the point simple: she didn€™t experience the Doctor in Amy€™s story. She experienced a Doctor who lost everything he had in the blink of an eye (pun not intended), and she went with it. She was hardheaded when he was, she didn€™t let him sulk, and she brought him back. That being said, it€™s incredibly safe to say that Clara is used to a darker, more serious Eleven, an older Eleven, worn down by losses and battles that he had no control over. This is especially true given the fact he continually got frustrated as he tried to figure out how Clara was at Asylum of the Daleks and Victorian London. When Eleven was with Clara, and I€™m going to guess Twelve as well, he was much more like Nine. While they will all have a tough exterior, they had, and will have, something that will make them break the facade they€™ve put on and allow us a glimpse of a carefree, happy Doctor. Even in the grittiest of seasons, Moffat can€™t deny us that. There€™s a lot of questions surrounding Twelve and Clara and what they€™ll be like together. The main thing to remember is that Clara experienced a darker Eleven. She€™s headstrong, so there€™s bound to be some great one liners in the beginning episodes, and, in Clara€™s eyes, Twelve may not be the big change Moffat is leading us to believe (What? Moffat over exaggerating? Say it ain€™t so!).

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