Doctor Who: 5 Companions For Peter Capaldi's Doctor

4. Strax (Madame Vastra, Jenny)

Tumblr Static Strax2 Now this will only work if Twelve has a dry attitude. If he€™s flat-out mean or rude, I€™m not sure it will work. However, if Twelve has a dry and sarcastic attitude, he and Strax would really be a great and funny pair. We were able to get a glimpse of what a meaner Doctor would be like with Strax, and for many people, Strax was their favorite part of the Christmas Episode. Strax is honestly a great character. Not because of the obvious things that make him an easy target for humor, but because of what he came from. Imagine if we brought Strax beyond comic humor, and into what he is: he€™s an outcast from the Sontaran race. Why hasn€™t he gone back? Can he be in the situations that the Doctor faces and not revert back to what a Sontaran truly is? Can he be the change and the outcast in his race, similar to how the Doctor is the last of the Time Lords? Strax is a loyal friend to Madame Vastra and Jenny, we saw that in The Name of the Doctor. Maybe what the Doctor needs is a loyal friend who isn€™t a human for a little while. Maybe he needs the entire trio of Strax, Vastra, and Jenny to ride around with for awhile. Maybe Twelve is just a bit tired of humans. Who can blame him? We get tired of each other. A season with Strax, and by association Vastra and Jenny, might give Doctor Who a more classic feel.
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