Doctor Who: 5 Reasons Why The Eighth Doctor Has More To Give

There's life in the Eighth Doctor yet.

The actors that have played the Doctor have all had their fair share of helming the TARDIS controls, with Tom Baker currently holding the record of 7 years as the interfering yet loving Time Lord. But there is a select few of which who just haven't had enough time. One of which, in case you hadn't already guessed, being Paul McGann. It all began in 1996 when Sylvester McCoy made his last televised appearance as the Seventh Doctor in the ill-fated TV movie in which his Doctor was shot down in an alley in San Francisco, ultimately forcing him to regenerate. The Eighth Doctor was then born but it was to be his only televised appearance until his surprise appearance in The Day of the Doctor's prequel The Night of the Doctor. The mini-episode finally gave viewers the missing regeneration they' d been waiting for and it also made them wonder why on Earth he's been so underused. To embrace the fact that the Eighth Doctor finally made his well-deserved comeback to complete the Doctor's struggle with his secret incarnate and the Time War, here are 5 reasons why his incarnation has more life in him than many think. Perhaps one day he'll get to show off what he can do in that rumoured spin off but in the meantime fans can enjoy his ongoing audio adventures with Big Finish. Welcome back once again, Doctor Number Eight! It's like you've never been away (from our TV screens, that is!).

Ben Jones is a Doctor Who contributor/writer for the website from Wrexham. Whenever he's not writing articles, he's either playing guitar or watching television. Maybe both.