Doctor Who - 5 Russell T Davies Era Monsters That Should Return (& 5 That Shouldn't)

10. Shouldn't - The Family of Blood


The Family of Blood are a fan favourite from the fourth series of the show that were both intimidating, but also slightly campy with the over the top performances provided by the actors- namely Harry Lloyd. Perhaps most memorable however, is The Doctor's harsh and personalised punishment for each of the family members.

But just because this family of near immortals provided one of the greatest episodes during Davies' run on the show, it doesn't mean they should be brought back. Bringing back The Family runs the risk of lessening the impact of the original story, especially if there is some contrived reasoning for how The Family could return.

Furthermore if The Family were to return it would probably mean that the aliens would have to take on new forms, which would be a shame as already mentioned, part of the brilliance of The Family was the performances from those possessed. It probably just be best if they were left alone, serving their time in their own personalised prisons.

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