Doctor Who: 5 Worst Companion Exits

4. Peri Brown

The lovely Peri was a college student who decided to spend her vacation traveling with the Doctor. No, I did not make that up. She was the companion the Doctor nearly died to save after not having enough bat's milk. No, I did not make that up either. Peri was one of those companions everyone likes and remembers fondly, but really didn't get a chance to develop characterization onscreen. Admittedly, it's hard to shine up against a powerful persona like Colin Baker, but Nicola Bryant had her moments. Her exodus from the Doctors company was not one of them. Peri started and ended on vacation. The Doctor decided she needed a break from all the action going on, and brought Peri to the Earth-like planet Ravalox. Well, not so much Earth-like as actually Earth, just in a different place in space. Why? Never mind. This lead the Doctor and Peri else, where someone was doing something bad, and they tried to implant themselves into Peri's mind, but the Doctor had to leave before he could save her, so she was blown up...and bald...or maybe she married Brian's all very confusing, and has something to do with the Valeyard. It was a messy, undeserved end for Peri. But we'll always have the regeneration scene to remember her by, much to Davisions chagrin.

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