Doctor Who: 6 Biggest Dalek Disappointments Of The New Series

When pepperpots go wrong.


Who doesn’t love the Daleks? The hateful, death-hungry pepperpots have been an iconic fixture of the show since their first appearance way back in 1963. In fact, if it hadn’t been for their immediate popularity, Doctor Who probably wouldn’t have blown up like it did and would be a television curiosity from a bygone decade instead of the global phenomenon it is today. Even now, Daleks are one of the most loved aliens to appear in the Whoniverse and frequently top fan polls.

That’s not to say they’re always used well, though. 

The Daleks get used so often that they can become stale, and fans can get tired of them appearing so frequently when the Whoniverse has infinite possibilities for exciting new species and adventures. As a result - and to keep them in the show because Who without Daleks might not feel like Who at all – the creative team behind the show come up with new ideas to reinvigorate the menaces from Skaro. Not all of these ideas work as well as they could, and some fall flat and fail to make a positive impact on audiences.

With that in mind, here are 6 of the most disappointing Dalek moments from the new series, examining just why they were such a let-down for the fans. "Exterminate" indeed. 

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