Doctor Who: 6 Biggest Dalek Triumphs Of The New Series

When Daleks do well.


The Daleks are an iconic species in Doctor Who, and indeed in British culture. Mention the show and images of them will be conjured up alongside the various actors to have played the Time Lord. In fact, it wouldn’t really be Doctor Who without them, even if they need to take a rest as many fans have argued.

In the previous article (here), we went over the various disappointments that have arisen as a result of the Daleks being used poorly in the new series. However, it hasn’t all been doom and disappointment for the country’s favourite dustbin-shaped aliens. They managed a successful return with the show in 2005, partly because they have been used so well at various points across the revival. And, while they keep coming back, the reason the break is a debate and not accepted wisdom among all fans is because they continue to be used effectively as part of interesting new stories. They’ve been menacing the Doctor both as individual monsters and as part of unstoppable armies, and both have had their place in confines of the revival.

This article will look at some of the best moments the creatures have had since the show returned – the ones that had impact and were full of emotion. Get ready to be exterminated... 

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