Doctor Who 60th Anniversary: Predicting Chances Of Every Doctor Returning

David Tennant just can't keep away from Doctor Who, can he?

Doctor Who Thirteenth Doctor Tenth Doctor

Doctor Who's 60th anniversary might be almost two years away, but with Fourteenth Doctor rumours heating up by the day - and details about incoming showrunner Russell T Davies' plans slowly trickling out - there's a lot of anticipation surrounding it already.

And though RTD's 2023 return is one of the big reasons to be excited about the future of the show, another big topic fans are buzzing about is the same one Whovians debate each time an anniversary special rolls around: which past Doctors will return to join in the celebrations?

While it's highly likely that the 60th will show us every Doctor for a second or two (much like how we saw them all via archive footage in The Day Of The Doctor), that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about the Doctors who are most likely to have a proper, speaking role in the episode - something on the level of David Tennant, John Hurt, or even Tom Baker's roles in the 50th.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let's start with the oldest surviving Doctor Who star: the marvellous Mr. Baker...

11. The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)

Doctor Who Thirteenth Doctor Tenth Doctor

Tom Baker has, of course, already returned for a NuWho anniversary special, with his brief turn as the Curator in The Day Of The Doctor proving one of the most memorable scenes in the show's history.

Baker is basically the definitive article when it comes to Doctors - he's often the first one that comes to mind when people think of the show, and he's a perennial favourite with hardcore fans. In other words, his popularity makes him a safe choice for a cameo or a supporting role, which is exactly why Moffat decided to cast him as the Curator, despite having many other options available.

As such, you can say the same thing about the 60th, but on the other hand, his Day Of The Doctor return was a perfect way to conclude his onscreen run in the show (Shada reshoots notwithstanding), so it does make you wonder if RTD should just leave him where he is.

All that said... we're going to take a swing and give him a decent chance. It would almost feel wrong if Baker wasn't included somehow! And apparently, Four is RTD's favourite Doctor, so that might count for something.

Chances: 7/10.

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