Doctor Who: 8 Fixes For Series 13

We need answers, Chris, and a damn lot of them.

Doctor Who Series 13

Chris Chibnall's run on Doctor Who thus far has been rocky, and that's putting it lightly. Since he took over the show in 2018, his additions to the show's lore have been met with extremely mixed responses. Series 12, though being an overall improvement on Series 11, ended with a revelation so huge, it sent cracks through the entirety of space and time- when I say 'the entirety of space and time,' I mean the space and time between 1963 and now.

With a Christmas special on the way, and presumably the 13th series of the reboot arriving soon after, we're not that far away from finding out more about just what on Earth happened at the end of Series 12. Whilst the door to Chris Chibnall's office is firmly locked, and the chances of story rumours leaking out this early being slim-to-none, we can at least scream at the heavens as to what we demand from our next full outing in the TARDIS.

8. Get Off Earth

Doctor Who Series 12 Companions

A recurring theme of the entirety of Series 12 (bar the two-part finale) was that the entirety of the series was set on Earth, even if we didn't realise at first. Though series in the past have been criticised for having a lack of alien worlds to traverse- 2005's Series 1 was criticised for this very reason, though we did get a few space station episodes, Series 12 remained heavily terra-firma.

There are more than enough quarries out there to represent alien worlds, it's a running gag across the entire series, so use them! Base-under-siege stories set on an alien planet only require a soundstage and set to shoot, so why was it seemingly so hard to come up with more interesting worlds and cultures to explore?

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