Doctor Who: 8 Unanswered Questions From The Thirteenth Doctor's Era

7. What Was the Purpose of Bel And Vinder?

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Chibnall doesn't shy away from adding additional characters to an already cluttered cast, as evidenced by the addition of Bel and Vinder in Thirteen's final series. These two were meant to represent those displaced by the Flux, in an attempt to add a layer of relatability for the audience. Yet, we couldn't relate, because we didn't know the full extent of the Flux - all we knew was that stuff was destroyed.

The presence of Bel and Vinder also fueled some speculation among fans, with many suspecting that their baby was the Doctor. As absurd as that sounds, we couldn't necessarily put it past Chibnall, due to the introduction of the Timeless Child concept in the previous series.

However, when the final chapter aired and the arc of Bel and Vinder was revealed, it was so anticlimactic that we had to wonder why they were in the series in the first place.

Bel and Vinder's search for one another carried them throughout the series, before they eventually reunited with the Doctor's assistance. However, nothing else follows that reunion. Why even bother introducing them in the first place? We had no real investment in Bel and Vinder, so the side quests within the main plot to watch their story unfold proved entirely pointless in the end.

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