Doctor Who: 9 Most Overrated Episodes Of The Revived Series

Sometimes it's better to be honest.

Search for the word overrated in a dictionary and you won't find any episodes in this list anywhere. That is how overrated these episodes are. It not that Doctor Who isn't one of the greatest TV shows of all time. Some of its episodes are not only great but are uniquely Doctor Who. No other show can produce an episode like The Day of The Doctor, The Doctor's Wife, Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang, and many more. Anywhere in time and space is at the show mercy after all. But that doesn't mean it doesn't have its share bad episodes. Twist the arm of even the most die-hard Whovians long enough and even they would admit that almost half of the Doctor Who revived series aren't that good. "Search your feelings you know it to be true". Let's face it, some of them are praised more than they deserve. Today is the day that these episodes are shown in an unflattering light. What will be done here will be not be done in the name of peace and sanity. But still, purely in the name of Doctor. To be clear, this is not an article that states the "end-all- be-all" opinion. If a fan disagree and love these episodes, or agrees but loves them anyway, it okay. No one can take... Oh, no one's listening. The torches and pitchforks are on the left.
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