Doctor Who Cast: Where Are They Now?

What have our favourite TARDIS crewmates been up to since leaving Doctor Who?


Part of what has sustained Doctor Who over its fifty-eight year history is the boundless creativity seen in its writing and direction, effortlessly transporting audiences week after week to exciting locations beyond their wildest dreams.

But good writing can only get you so far. Amazing dialogue needs equally amazing actors to speak them into existence or the whole thing will just fall flat. The classic series was occasionally guilty of casting less than stellar actors in important roles but, thankfully, the new series has not followed suit in this regard.

Every Doctor and companion in the new series has been perfectly cast, with all the actors having the prowess needed to make us care about their character and shed a tear when they eventually leave the show.

But where do they go after they bid farewell to the TARDIS? Whatever happened to your favourite traveller in time and space? Let's take a look at what each actor who played either a new series Doctor or companion is up to now.


14. Christopher Eccleston - The Ninth Doctor


When it was announced in 2003 that Doctor Who would be returning as a television series for the first time since its cancellation in 1989, the big question on everyone's minds was who would be playing the next Doctor? Would they be up to the job?

Thankfully, the powers that be chose Christopher Eccleston, an already well-established actor on British television, for the part. He brought exactly the kind of brooding energy that was needed for a post-Time War Doctor and is still many fans favourite incarnation to this day.

Since handing over the role to David Tennant after just one series, Eccleston has largely returned to the sort of work that he was taking on before Doctor Who. Namely hard-hitting and character-driven roles on dramas like BBC One's The A Word, the story of a family reacting to their young son's autism diagnosis, and Damon Lindelof's The Leftovers, a supernatural what-if tale about two percent of the world's population suddenly vanishing.

Film fans will also recognise him as Malekith, the main villain in 2013's Thor: The Dark World, and as Destro in 2009's G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.


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