Doctor Who Christmas Special: 10 Reasons To Be Extremely Excited


For a number of us, the best thing about Christmas isn€™t the family get-together, the big dinner or even the present-giving but is, of course, that age-old yuletide tradition of the Doctor Who Christmas Special. This year though there€™s extra reason to be jumping with festive joy in anticipation as there€™s so much to look forward to. If you are someone who€™s already reserved your spot in front of the TV then stick around to remind yourself why you€™ve done so or if you€™re not, then hopefully at least one of the following reasons will convince you. After all, the reservations on the spot in front of the TV are still open. Unless you have a very big family of Doctor Who lovers€

10. It's A Victorian Christmas

uktv-doctor-who-xmas-2012-9 It€™s always nice to watch a Victorian Christmas €“ it€™s where the modern Christmas with the likes of Dickens€™ A Christmas Carol began€“ so any Doctor Who episode set there is bound to suit the season perfectly. Of course, we€™ve had previous examples of a Victorian noel-themed Who before in 2008€™s €˜The Next Doctor€™ and 2010€™s €˜A Christmas Carol€™ (although that was another planet) which are both enjoyable specials. So as the Victorian era, Christmas and the Doctor are an already tried-and-tested success it looks like this year€™s €˜The Snowmen€™ is onto a winner.
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